What Our Clients Say About Us

I was completely traumatized from a movie, losing my artistic expression, but after a Spiritual Healing i felt completely better, and my creativity was safe to return!

- Felix G

Quantum healing has helped my cat to be revitalized, he was laying around all day and now he is happy, frisky and running around. 

- Amanda B

Thank you so much Tracey, your SCIO treatments have giving me back a zest for life! I feel energized and love that I understand so much more about my energetic being.

- Karen C, Melbourne

Amazing , I have come home to a Bionic Dog in the household. She’s got more energy than 10 tigers. We went for a 2km walk and she just wanted to keep running. Im so happy to see she’s got more energy and is lighter and happier

- Anna. Peregian

After SCIO therapy I can feel lots of energetic and emotional healing shifting in my body…and it’s way awesome ! I am enjoying the relief from that high stressed state and I feel a softening around by emotions. thank you.

- R.W. Coolum

Polly is more relaxed and it’s just lovely to witness her healing too. Soooo pleased to have received these treatments and your guidance!
I am feeling lighter and calmer, heart area healing coming into balance…and I slept for 7 hours with only waking once!

- J.D. Noosa

I have had 3 treatments with SCIO in the past year and have been impressed with the amazing results it achieved for my health.

- J.W. Coolum (Age 51)

Jazzi is beside herself with happiness, she is like a new puppy again. Lately when we drive to the beach she just lays on the backseat, but today she was full of energy, wonderful to see her stick her head out the window again. I’m so happy to see her feeling good and big change in my dogs energy. I am looking forward to my treatment , i want to feel like her as well.

- R.R. Eumundi

I went to Tracey for a session of SCIO out of curiosity and primarily to see if she could help me with weight loss. I wasn’t expecting a total change in my behavior.

One month after the session to treat addictions.My alcohol consumption, without conscious effort decreased dramatically.

My sleep is deeper, I am happier and feel in control of of all facets of my life.

I can highly recommend Tracey together with her trusty SCIO machine to any one wanting to implement positive changes in their lives. Tracey you are a champion!

- KW, Cooroy (Age 54)

I had a distance healing, By the end of the treatment, my muscles had relaxed noticeably.

That night I had a 60 – 70% improvement in my comfort and my sleep improved as a result. I am stunned.The improvement continues after 3 days. I have had this problem for 17 years, so this result is significant.

During my treatments with SCIO Tracey identified a number of conditions and recommended some lifestyle and nutritional changes. Three weeks later, I am finding I have more energy, I am sleeping better and feel an overall positive change to my outlook on life and my vitality. Thanks again for your expertise and enthusiasm, it has been MAGIC!

- L.S., Doonan (Age 66)

I first went to Tracey with severe adrenal fatigue, absolute exhaustion, very emotional with anxiety, depression, and very low self esteem.

I was totally fascinated by the SCIO machine and how accurate it was with my feelings and well being. Tracey has been very supportive over 10 months

After several treatments I am feeling much more positive, more energetic and my body is much stronger. I have come a long way since my first treatment with Tracey.

- L.S. Tewantin (Aged 50)

I am grateful to have connected with Tracey for quantum energy healing services, i was totally unaware of the benefits to be gained from doing this, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thank you Tracey!

- Sean, Melbourne