About Tracey

I have suffered from severe pain from spinal scoliosis since the age of fourteen. I had the option of a steal rod surgically inserted in my spine or to seek alternative therapies.!! SCIO therapy was the most effective long-lasting THERAPY to release stress and pain.


Without stress and pain my whole being has been taken to a new level of consciousness. I am impressed with the information and health benefits I have gained using SCIO.

IN THE PAST I HAVE SPENT A LOT OF MONEY EVERY WEEK and had pain relief with Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Yoga, Homeopathy, Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology, Physiotherapy, and Psychology.

BUT IT’S SCIO Biofeedback for emotional stress, energetic medicine that has enhanced my vitality and changed my life the most!

I now have a Diploma in Quantum Biofeedback therapy enabling me to share passion and empathetic understanding for others looking to empower their personal health and well-being.


More About Me

I started Singing and playing music, with my family from a young age, using sound, vibration, tone, and frequency to uplift others suffering from ill health.

I learned the connections between emotional stress and unknown exposure to toxic environments, both physical, emotional and mental CAN cause physical pain.

My LIFE experiences HAVE taught me great empathy for anyone suffering loss of health vitality & wellbeing and MY PASSION is to share my knowledge with those that want to clear stress and suffering so they can experience vitality easily.

I have experienced more than 20 years of GREAT SUCESS WITH
1. Homeopathic remedies
2. Australian Bush Flowers for emotional recovery.
3. Utilizing the biofeedback FREQUENCY GENERATOR to send bio-resonance energy frequency and positive vibrations helping hundreds of happy clients achieve personal positive changes using frequency and vibrational remedies.

DETOXING OLD ENERGIES IS A BIG PART OF HEALING, I HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN HOW TO REMOVE TOXINS,  PATHOGENS,  HEAVY METALS, PESTICIDES, BLOOD IMPURITIES,  Our body, mind, spiritual, and emotional energy fields can be revitalized when we understand and experience these new frequency techniques. 

RELIEVING us FROM symptoms of STRESS, nervousness, insomnia, and worry.

Applying universal energies to clearing stress and activating electrical energy fields gives remarkable results of well-being and improved intuition with these alternative therapy solutions.

ADULTS, CHILDREN, and ANIMALS can improve their life experience of well-being.

I have learned that the mainstream way of doing things is NOT the only way, there are alternative and effective ways of doing things that can provide more holistic results.
I have tried many Natural Alternative Therapies Modalities but this one I have found has been the best for personal worry and stress.

Tracey Ollett’s own personal experiences were the inspiration for her to become educated and help others using effective alternatives:

1. Homeopathic remedies

2. Australian Bush Flowers for emotional recovery.

3. Utilising the biofeedback FREQUENCY GENERATOR to send bio-resonance energy frequency and positive vibrations to balance our individual energetic fields.

4. Tracey has more than a decade of Holistic healing and knowledge, successfully helping hundreds of happy clients  achieve personal positive changes.

Our body, mind, spiritual and emotional energy fields can become overwhelmed by environmental stress, leaving us with symptoms of nervousness, insomnia, worry

Tracey’s Qualifications

Vibration & Frequency

As quoted by Nikola Tesla ~ If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Combine this with the knowledge that everything in our universe vibrates at a resonate frequency, and we may find a whole new world of healing opens up for us.