Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't live on the Sunshine Coast, can I have Remote Healing / Distance therapy?

YES. most of my clients use distance therapy with amazing results.

refer to 'services' Page REMOTE HEALING for more information

Do i need to be hooked up to the quantum biofeedback machine for it to work?

NO because the device uses quantum entanglement meaning that you can be anywhere in the world and the device can be individually calibrated and targeted to you & your unique energetic frequency identity for healing - using a hair sample

How does it work?

Quantum energy medicine and biofeedback uses quantum entanglement, energy, frequency and vibration to interact and impart the resonance of a healthy human being and clear unhealthy energies like stress from the body mind and spirt leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated after a quantum energy treatment in a non invasive way, via electo-magnetic frequencies.

Can it help with stress?

Yes SCIO is designed and optimised for removing and releasing stress.

Do you get much success?

yes almost all of my clients have a noticeable reduction in stress and feel very relaxed after their treatments,

improvement is very apparent after multiple consecutive treatments which remove layers unnesecary built up stress.

Each follow up treatment continues to reinforce and strengthen your optimim energy and health.

What to expect for a SCIO therapy?

Click here to visit our SCIO 'Services' page for full details.